Safe Places for Traveling to Mexico

If you decided to travel to Mexico these holidays and keep hearing people talk about how dangerous the situation is there, do not pay heed to them. If you know where to go and how to go, you are far from any harm’s way, and you will get to enjoy Mexico for the brilliant place that it is. And how will you know where to go? That is why we are here. Here are the best places you can safely visit in Mexico and have a great time!

  1. Mexico City – Mexico’s capital is a beautiful misunderstood place. You can freely visit all neighbourhoods’ here and soak in the beautiful colonial architecture which have been restored recently. You can visit Condesa and Roma’s famous bars and cafes, pyramids and also the famous artist Frida Kahlo’s studio, the artist Salma Hayek portrayed in her movie.
  2. Todos Santos – This is a scenic beautiful location that is seldom visited by tourists. With several artists living here, it is a paradise for an art-lover where you will get to see several artists at work. There are also beautiful beaches where you can surf.
  3. Playa deal Carmen – Beaches here seem right out of calendar photos with their crystal-clear waters. There are several bars, night-clubs here and you can also do snorkeling.
  4. Huatucola – It used to be a fishing village and has been turned successfully into a beach resort recently. As it is newer, it is relatively safe from over-crowding leaving you to enjoy several activities like snorkeling, surfing, diving, cycling and rafting with ease. There are several flights directly here from Mexico and Oaxaca City
  5. Merida – I would not call Merida a must-see location, rather it is an experience in itself. With most buildings and architecture continuing from colonial times, it is a wonderful place to relax and uncurl yourself. The best part is on the weekend all vehicles are stopped from entering and people walk about, with stages set-up, stands of delicious hot food. Taking a walk on weekends amongst all this is a treat!
  6. San Miguel de Allende – Yes this is where ‘Once upon a time in Mexico’ was shot, making it a must-see place already. However it is also one of the most peaceful places in Mexico, boasting of beautiful handicraft and souvenir shops, home to authentic Spanish food and to beautiful historic cathedrals.
  7. Guanajuato – This hill-town happens to be my personal favorite. A walk down one of its streets will make you feel like you are in a Disney movie because of all the colors that surround you. Houses are colorful here and you will get to see ballet performances, orchestras, modern art, and puppet workshops being offered in several places. This place is lively and happening with some of the meet hospitable people you will ever meet!

While we have listed these 7 places, there are several more that you can visit without any concerns and have a most memorable trip. The best advice would be to ask Department of State for a list of places they have approved for tourists and visit the ones you like best. Mexico is a beautiful place, allow yourself to fall in love at least once with it.